Clients’ Comments
"Kate has opened up a whole new dimension of my life to me.  She has such an exquisite ability to listen and get to the nut of the issue, and her healing is both gentle and powerful.  I feel I have gone to a whole new level of self-awareness and personal development in my work with Kate, and I am gaining insight into myself that has slipped through my awareness for over four decades.  It is without hesitation that I recommend Kate to my friends for deep personal growth and emotional as well as physical healing."  P.R., Professor, 45
“Kate is deeply loving, deeply perceptive guide, accepting of the place that I am in, each time different. Her healing sessions have opened me to the joy of a lovingly guided spiritual journey which is at the same time grounded in earthing wisdom.” H.F., Social Science Professor, 60
“A session with Kate is a precious time.  In the consultations before the treatments I always received a fresh learning, a new direction guided by her vast experience in holistic healing. On the table,  Kate's sensitive touch and gentle supportive presence enabled me to let go of myself to feel more of the subtle energies of my being, which was a clearing and very healing experience.” P.T., life coach, 60
“Recently my book, which I published in English in 1995, has become a best seller in  its Japanese edition. I attribute this success, in a large measure, to the Intention Work I did with Kate. Just after my sessions with Kate, my book was "discovered" by a major Japanese publishing house. This has been my life's work and I am delighted that Kate's Intention Work has helped it to manifest.”  L.T. 72, writer
“Working with Kate has given me my biggest steps in personal growth.  I began sessions with Kate shortly after my father’s death as my own chosen form of grief counseling.  Through my work with Kate I have become more centered, more grounded and more confident to handle life’s challenges than I ever was before.  I feel my work with Kate has allowed me to become more connected to my true self and more connected to others as a result.  I feel more aware, more calm, and I feel a profound love and respect for the human race.  Not only has Kate helped me through some of the most difficult transitions in my life, but I have developed the ability to self-coach and support myself through challenging moments.  I am deeply grateful to Kate for helping me along in my journey.” N.W, 38
“Thanks to Kate’s caring and skillful guidance and on-going treatment with acupuncture and herbs, my symptoms of Parkinson’s disease have significantly eased. My restless leg syndrome which had caused me many a sleepless night cleared up, and my cardiac arrhythmia and edema have all improved  I have also been able to return to playing the recorder with my musical group, a hobby that I had loved but had long-since given up.” H.K.,  research scientist 78
“Kate’s help with acupuncture and herbs was an essential part of my healing plan. I was able to overcome infertility and at long-last I am expecting a baby early in the near year.” N.W., housewife, 35