Therapeutic Tools
The tools used in this work have been developed over Kate’s  nearly two decades of study and practice in China, Japan and the USA. The tools are drawn primarily from two powerful healing systems --- Oriental Medicine and Brennan Healing Science ---- but also include aromatherapy and other healing arts. The result is a full-spectrum healing system which is tailored to an individual client’s specific needs. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach.
     From Oriental Medicine we learn the ancient wisdom of flowing with the cycles of nature and balancing the yin and yang aspects of our being. Gentle techniques drawn from Oriental Medicine help us unblock our vital energy (ki), relieve pain, stress and illness. Using the Eight Principles and the Five Elements of Oriental Medicine, a client’s constitutional patterns can be determined and deficient energy can be enhanced or stagnant energy can be unblocked and properly circulated. Working with non-invasive tools such as tuning forks, non-insertion needles, crystals and gemstones  the meridian system can be re-balanced. Warming therapy is especially effective at relieving physical aches and pains.
       From Brennan Healing Science we learn to work with the many complex dimensions of the Human Energy Field (HEF), the aura which surrounds and interpenetrates our  human body. Each level of our HEF contains its own challenges and its wisdom and requires very specific healing techniques such as chelation, chakra or organ restructuring, spiritual surgery and work in other dimensions such as the hara and corestar levels. Bioenergy therapy facilitates healing on the emotional and spiritual levels as well as on the physical level. While meridian therapy is helpful on the lower levels of the human energy field, the Brennan system is especially powerful on the higher levels and in the the hara and corestar dimensions.
FULL-SPECTRUM HEALING: a full session is a one and a half hour session in which the client’s needs are assessed and the appropriate therapeutic tools are chosen from the Brennan Healing Science model and the Oriental Medical model to address those needs. These sessions may include energy exercises, psychodynamic expression work and hands-on healing .
BACK-CARE THERAPY: Energy work is combined with aromatherapy and Oriental warming therapy to relieve back and spinal pain that is stored not only in the physical body and but also in the higher levels of the energy field. Approximately 45 minutes.
WINDOWS OF THE SKY SESSIONS: Advanced psycho-spiritual work and energy explorations.
ENERGY MANAGEMENT COACHING: Assisting clients in increasing their vital energy and using it wisely.
Spirit Gate Healings
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Nishi Kawaramachi 364
Iwakura, Sakyo-ku,
Kyoto shi 606-0014
“Ever desire-less, one can see the mystery. Ever desiring, one can see the manifestations.”
-Lao Tze