Spirit Gate Healings
Spirit Gate Healings
with Kate Brady, M.Ac.OM.

 Life is an on-going journey of awakening. Along the way we often challenged by pain, illness, confusion or loss on many levels of our being -- physical, energetic, emotional or even spiritual.  Our very natural human tendency is to try to ‘fix’ the problem and return to ‘normal’ as soon as possible. But it is through our pain and loss that we ender the doorway to a deeper understanding or ourselves. Crisis is, in a very real sense, the opportunity for profound change. 

In Spirit Gate Healings, a session’s aim is to empower the client to meet his or her life challenge to wherever it exits. The intention is to access the client’s own deepest wisdom and set his or her own capacity for self-healing in motion. Through this work greater awareness is developed, negative patters are dissolved, pain and illness are eased and greater joy and well-being are experienced.

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Spirit Gate Healings
Continental Hiro #402
Nishi Kawaramachi 364
Iwakura, Sakyo-ku,
Kyoto shi 606-0014
Coming this fall “Mandala of Presence“ workshop and Healers Training.
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